Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree may pursue teacher certification through our post-baccalaureate programs. This program prepares students for teacher certification and does not result in a master’s degree.


In addition to fulfilling the admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, applicants must successfully pass a portfolio review and essay evaluation to be fully admitted into graduate programs in the Department of Art. For complete information regarding the format and content of the portfolio and essay requirements, interested applicants should visit the School of Graduate Studies’ website at and click on “Additional Application Materials.” Interested applicants can contact the Department of Art directly at 860-832-2620. Click here for the Program Advisement Form.



For students seeking certification in Art, a Program of Study is determined and filed with the advisor or chair of the department. The Program of Study (that must be approved by the Graduate Office) ensures that all certification requirements are satisfied and becomes a contract between the student and his or her adviser.

Post-baccalaureate students must meet the following general education requirements: at least 39 credits of liberal arts course work including a U.S. history survey course. Coursework in developmental or life span psychology is a prerequisite for the Professional Program.


The portfolio must consist of 15–20 digital images in jpg or jpeg format of the applicant’s artwork in a variety of media that demonstrate the applicant’s best studio practice. It is important that no work submitted be copied from photographs or other works of art. Multiple views are recommended for original work in sculpture, ceramics, 3D design and/or crafts.



Applicants to the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program must submit a portfolio that contains examples of all of the following:

  1. Still-life drawings and/or paintings that illustrate accurate depictions of form and space.

  2. Landscape and/or architecture (indoor or outdoor) showing successful descriptions of form and space. These must be drawing and/or painting.

  3. Images (any 2D and/or 3D) that illustrate convincing knowledge and translation of the elements and principles of design.

  4. Tonal drawings in pencil, charcoal, or ink, that were executed from life and that depict figure, landscape, or still life, as well as successfully describe the illusion of light defining 3D volume.


Applicants must submit a completed essay describing their backgrounds and interest in the program. On the initial page, an applicant should include his or her name and the program to which he or she is applying (Master of Science in Art Education or Post-Baccalaureate). The essay should be two pages, double-spaced. In the essay, applicants should:

  1. give a brief account of their backgrounds in relation to education, occupation, and activities relevant to the field of art and art education;

  2. discuss the reasons for choosing an advanced degree in art, some of the ideas in which they are currently interested, and

  3. include a brief discussion of the work that was submitted for the portfolio review.


The portfolio and essay should be sent as a package directly to the Department of Art at the same time that materials are submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office. The Admission Packet should be clearly labeled with applicant's name and the program to which she or he is applying (MS Ed. or Post-Baccalaureate Certification) Send the portfolio, image list, and essay packet to:

Central Connecticut State University

Department of Art, Maloney Hall

RE: Graduate Admission Materials

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, CT 06050


If the date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday please submit the Friday PRIOR to the due date.

The Department of Art expects to review portfolios and essays for:

*       Fall acceptance: February 12, April 1, and May 1
        [note: By July, course selection for the FALL will be EXTREMELY limited.]

*       Spring acceptanceOctober 12 and December 1
        [note: By December, course selection for the Spring will be EXTREMELY limited]

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